Lost in Beijing

Producer : Li Fang

Director : Yu Li

Actor : Tony Leung Ka Fai,Dawei Tong, Bingbing Fan, Yanling Jin

Writers : Yu Li

Release time : February 16th 2007

Special Jury Award, Golden Kinaree competition section, Bangkok International Film Festival 2007, Thailand

Nomination for the Golden Bear Award, Berlinale 2007, Germany

Honourable Mention for Its Screenplay, Tribeca International Film Festival 2007, USA

Best Actress, Eurasia international film festival 2007,Kazakhstan

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Pin Guo(Apple) works as a masseuse at the Gold Basin Foot Massage Palace, a popular foot massage place run by Lin Dong who is a middle-aged nouveau rich businessman.

One day, Ping Guo gets drunk while out with a friend. Her boss, Lin Dong, exploits the situation to have sex with her at the workplace. Ping Guo’s husband An Kun, who works as a high-rise window cleaner, witnesses their tryst while he is working.
Following this ambiguous rape, Ping Guo gets pregnant. An Kun blackmails Lin Dong: either Lin Dong pays compensation or he gets sued for rape.

But Lin Dong and his wife Wang Mei don’t have a child.The two men reach an agreement on money-child trade so Lin Dong and Wang Mei can be parents. The terms of the contract include Ping Guo moving in with the couple for six months to act as a nanny. From this moment on, the two families have to face the uncontrollable consequences and dilemmas sparked by their choices.

Against the hectic backdrop of Beijing,this story explores the social reality of China today, where a fast growing economy brings new challenges to traditional values, family relations and women’s position as well as conflict between the material and the spiritual.

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