About Us


Laurel Films is one of the experienced and best-known private film company in China, based in Beijing, operated by producer and screenwriter Fang Li in 2004. Laure Films works with the new generation filmmakers in China,to produce movies with production standard, artistic quality,and commercial value. Until now, Laurel Films’ works includes Nights and Days (by Wang Chao),Dam Street (by Li Yu ),Summer Palace (by Lou Ye),Buddha Mountain (by Li Yu ),The Continent (by Han Han),Ever Since We Love(by Li Yu),River Road (by Li Ruijun),Tiger Robbers(by Li Yu),The Old Town Girls(by Shen Yu)etc.


Laurel Films has found a complete industry chain from project planning, business developing, producing, special effect, post-producing to marketing and distribution. Laurel Films maintains close cooperate relationship with many international/domestic professional partners. We look forward to work with excellent creative colleagues, to bring good works to audiences, and to maximize the value of our first-class works.

Films Script Development

Work with first-class planners,script writers to develop best stories

Films Production

Produce quality-guaranteed films by our film industry chain

Films Investment

Provide finical support for excellent film projects, expand business cooperation opportunities



Fang li

Founder and Screen Writer

FANG Li, producer, scriptwriter, Geo-scientist. He graduated from East China Geological Institute with BS degree in Applied Geophysics in 1982, and received his MBA degree from Wake Forest University USA in 1989. He founded Laurel Industrial Company Inc. in 1991, achieved great business success in earth scientific and marine scientific technologies. In the year 2004, FANG Li founded Laurel Films and started his film-making career. In 2014, he attended YiXi, his well-known speech Thank You for the Chance on This Stage created click record and inspired many young people to pursue their dream with courage and optimism.

Li Yu

Director and Art Supervisor

YU LI, a film director and scriptwriter, was born in Shan Dong province. Her first documentary ‘Sisters’ was directed in 1996, and then she formally began her directorial career.
In 2001, her feature film debut ‘Fish and Elephant’ won ‘Film Award for Female Subjects’ in 58th Venice International Film Festival. In the next year, this film work was awarded ‘Promotion of Asian Cinema Award’ in 52nd Berlin International Film Festival. Her next film, ‘Dam Street’ produced in 2005, which was nominated ‘Golden Lion for Best Film’ in 62nd Venice International Film Festival, and won the prize of ‘International League Art Film Award’.
In 2007, YU LI’s most high profile film, ‘Lost in Beijing’ premiered at the 57th Berlin International Film Festival and was nominated ‘Golden Bear for Best Film’. It was awarded ‘Jury Prize’ in 5th Bangkok International Film Festival and ‘Screenplay Honor Award’ in 6th Tribeca Film Festival, respectively in the same year.
In the year of 2010, her film ‘Buddha Mountain’ won ‘Award for Best Artistic Contribution’ in the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival, as well as ‘Best Film Award’ in Barcelona, Spain Asia Film Festival, etc.
In 2012, her film ‘Double Exposure’ was on the short list for main competition in the 25th Tokyo International Film Festival, but she dropped out of the competition for other reasons shortly afterwards. This film won the prizes of ‘The Most Anticipated Feature Film’ in Letv Film and Television Awards 2012, ‘The Most Beloved in Silver Screen’ and ‘The Most Popular Director’ in the 9th Guangzhou Student Film Festival.
She directed the film ‘Ever Since We Love’ in 2015 and participated in ‘The Window of Asian Film’ screening of Pusan International Film Festival.

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